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Active Technologies RF-Mode für AWG5068, 12,32 GS/s, bis 6 GHz

Artikelnummer: AWG5068-RF

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Produktinformationen "Active Technologies RF-Mode für AWG5068, 12,32 GS/s, bis 6 GHz"
RF-Mode Spezifikationen
Operating Mode Variable clock (True Arbitrary) - RF mode
Output Sample Rate 8.5 GS/s to 12.32 GS/s
Sin(x)/x 5.04 GHz @ 12.32 GS/s
RF Modulation I/Q Quadrature
RF Carrier count per output channel

Single Carrier (2 components I0,Q0 for channcel)

Double Carrier (4 components, I0, Q0 and I1, Q1 for channel)

RF Carrier Frequency Range 0 up to 6 GHz
RF Carrier Frequency resolution 1 mHz
RF Carrier Phase Programmable
I/Q Component Data Rate 1/8 of the Output Sample rate
I/Q Component Prescaler 0 to 2^32
Run Modes Continuous, Triggered Continuous, Single/Burst, Stepped, Advanced
I/Q Component Waveform Length 16 Bit
I/Q Component Waveform Granularity

1 if the entry length is > 104 sampels

8 if entry length is >=32 and <= 104 sampels

Sequence Length 1 to 16384
Sequence Repeat Counter 1 to 4294967294 or infinite
Range 20 ns to 1.39 seconds